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The return of Marly’s Musings!

Hi guys!

I’m sorry for the hiatus with the blog! Life was happening, so I took some time to adjust to my new schedule. I’m excited to share some updates with everyone!

So much has changed in the last six months and though I am still processing everything, I’m happy with where things are headed. The two biggest changes are that I am now employed and that my career goals have shifted.

As I explained in a previous post, I’ve been feeling as if my life goals were changing and I was being pulled in a different direction. Although I love and appreciate my Arabic background and am anxious to utilize these skills one day, I no longer wish to be a translator. Part of what I loved about my degree focus is that it had nothing to do with me being disabled. As much as my disability doesn’t define me, it inspires my convictions in life and how I spend my time. For the first time, I’ve had time to think about the future.  I’ve realized I have achieved all of my short-term goals: I have a license, a car, a degree and a new job.  Now that I have those things, I’m in a stable place where I can begin to figure out how I can help my community. Starting right here where I live. There’s still so much work to do when it comes to addressing the stigmas related to physically disabled people. I’ve recently been spending time with residents at CL, talking about our similarities and differences and the triumphs and struggles we face each day.

In my experience, being wheelchair bound sometimes means teaching people not to place limitations on your body. Recently, I’ve been able to speak up, have conversations with my coworkers, and help educate people. I feel strongly that it is my responsibility to protect and empower the people around me. I am now claiming my disabled community as fiercely as I claim my Lebanese heritage. We have all been through a lot to get to where we are physically and spiritually and I just want to be part of the system that makes life that much more fulfilling to us all. I’ve been shadowing the new Marketing Manager at Creative Living and the Director of Housing for Goodwill. I’ve applied for several jobs and internships and feel optimistic about the future! I’m watching, learning and brainstorming the possibility of starting a consulting business.  This time in life is not only giving me work experience but also allowing me to have important conversations with those around me.

For now,

Be safe!

Marly S.




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