Brew Review and Disability Awareness


Hi guys,

It was in the month of October that my life changed forever. October 7th, to be exact, is the day I went from an able bodied to a disable bodied twenty-year-old woman. What a doozy of a ride that has been thus far!

Now, October is also disability awareness month, whose theme this year is # inclusionworks. According to the United States Department of Labor website the goal is, “to develop and influence policies and practices to increase the number and quality of employment opportunities for those with disabilities”. Speaking as someone who is looking for employment, I’d say I have a vested interest in the success of the campaign.

After graduating college and as I search for employment, the reality of my limited work experience sank in quickly. To learn and gain experience, in the spring, I offered my services to Creative Living management. A few weeks later ‘Marly’s Musings’ was born (big smile).

Another exciting opportunity to arise is becoming a committee member for the upcoming Brew Review fundraiser. The Creative Living Brew Review event also happens to occur in October where residents, sponsors, donors, family, friends, coworkers, etc… come together in order to support my community and our independent living status. So now I’m going to shamelessly bolster about this event because:

  1. What better way to give back this October, in honor of Disability Awareness Month, than to help fundraise in support of the RA program?  The RA program that helps the disabled residents of Creative Living maintain a life style that aids them to be productive members of society (though I may not be employed yet, MANY of my neighbors are).
  2. Did I mention that this is a beer tasting event? This year, we are featuring local breweries such as Barley’s, CBC, Four String, Heidelberg Distributing, North High, Land- Grant just to name a few. There will be yummy appetizers and deserts and lots of new people to connect with.

I feel like we just killed two birds with one stone by attending this event, don’t you think? I told you I was going to be shameless! (he-he)

All joking aside, The Brew Review is a great event that is for an amazing cause and I encourage everyone to click on the link below and checkout the event page

Now, the reason why I started off by telling you October is the month of my car accident is because it was a dreaded month that holds some of the worst memories of my life.  It’s ironic, for me at least, that it happens to be National Disability Awareness Month too. Even more so considering the theme this year is employment and I am looking for exactly that.  Maybe I am overthinking things but, like I’ve stated before, it feels like my journey is being guided into the disability advocacy field. Considering the fact that I am promoting our annual Creative Living Brew Review event, I’d say I’m slowly but surely beginning to take over the reigns in that department (big smile).

With that being said, I again encourage you to check out the Creative Living Brew Review page in honor of October being National Disability Awareness Month and I hope to see some of you this October 14th at the Grange Insurance Haaf Hall.

Be safe!

Marly S.

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