After 9 years, I’m on the road again!

Part One of a Two Part series 

After graduating in December, the next step on my list of goals to accomplish was obtaining my driver’s license.

So, to driver’s training I went!

I contacted the OSU driver’s rehab offices (prior to graduation) and by June 2nd, I was in a vacant parking lot learning to drive using the modified vehicle owned by the OSU hospital. I was scheduled for two hours twice a week for the month…14 hours of training altogether.

Photo of Marly driving her carMy first day consisted of driving in circles in an empty parking lot learning which type of hand control I liked best. After settling on the push-rock hand controls, my training truly began. My driving instructor trained me to get in and out of the car, as well as how to break down my chair and put it back together. She took me out on major streets, residential, highways, campus, etc… She wanted me prepared for any situation she believed might get tricky, such as gas stations and roundabouts. She quizzed me on what I did wrong, what I did right and what I should have done differently. She taught me to trust my instincts and to never let anyone on the road intimidate me. Maneuverability training worked the same and we designated a half hour almost every session to perfecting my surprisingly awesome skills.

As each session went by I grew more confident in my abilities. On June 23rd, my last day of training, we practiced maneuverability one last time and then I drove us to the BMV. I took the on the road exam and passed with flying colors.


Marly folding up wheelchair


After passing my instructor wrote me a prescription for the hand-controls I preferred. I contacted a lovely lady named Jennifer at Motorcar Mobility Sales and Services in Cleveland on July 12th and by July 18th I was on the road driving my own modified car.

The first thing I did, after getting lost on I-90, was drive to Lakewood where I grew up. I picked up my best friend and my little niece, Athena Love then drove around town for a bit, grabbed dinner and enjoyed my newfound freedom.  Wow, after 9 years, it feels great to be on the road again!

Until next time… 

Stay safe,

Marly S.


Next week – Part Two of On the Road Again!



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