Hi guys,

Your friends at Creative Living decided to participate in the Big Table discussion once again! The Columbus Foundation established the Big Table, to provide a platform for likeminded individuals to gather and discuss a specific topic concerning their community. This year, Creative Living kept it simple and relevant and chose to discuss disability housing. I would like to thank the residents, Kristin, Patti, Lance, Laura, Jason, Michael, Nelson, Billy and Rick who were all in attendance. I’d like to thank Adam for leading the discussion and making sure that everyone who wanted to speak was heard. I’d like to thank Sarah for taking the time to transcribe our discussion and Jack for patiently hanging out.

During our conversation, we discussed the benefits of living at Creative Living and what it means to us to have a place like this. We shared stories and our experiences of living here and explored ideas for innovation and modernization. We discussed community engagement and how we could expand our presence within our community.

Although the Big Table discussion is held just once a year, Creative Living residents have decided to continue hosting resident meetings where suggestions and concerns could be discussed freely and safely amongst each other.

This is not only for the benefit of the people that call Creative Living home but also for Creative Living as an organization. I’d like to thank the Board members who seemed excited about the results of Creative Living participation in the Big Table discussion.

I’m thankful to everyone who participated and I’m optimistic for the future of Creative Living!

Be Safe,

Marly Saade