All applicants for residency at Creative Living must meet the following U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) section 8 eligibility requirements and must pass credit and background checks and reference investigations.

1. Have a low or very low income
2. Be at least 18 years old
3. Be physically disabled – defined as a person having an impairment which:

  • is expected to be of long continued and indefinite duration;
  • substantially impedes his/her ability to live independently;
  • is of such nature that the disability could be improved by more suitable housing conditions;
  • the physical disability may be the result of a birth defect, disease or traumatic injury;
  • the medical condition must be stable, even though the disability is permanent; and
  • the individual should have goals for realizing his/her potential and have the maturity and skills to manage his/her life.

HUD-approved preferences:

1) Preference will be given for persons with a physical disability; and
2) to persons who live in Franklin County

a) Applicants who work in Franklin County
b) Applicants who have been hired to work in Franklin County
c) Applicants who are expected to live in the jurisdiction as a result of planned employment
d) Creative Living treats graduates of, or active participants in education and training programs located in Franklin County as residents of the area if the education or training program is designed to prepare individuals for the job market

Resident Code of Conduct
In exchange for the services provided by Creative Living, residents are expected to abide by the terms of their lease and the Creative Living Community Policy. All the rules are related to safety, care and cleanliness of the building and safety and comfort and convenience of our tenants.