At Creative Living, we count on the support of individuals and foundations to help us in our goal to provide assisted living for those people with severe physical disabilities. With your participation, we can continue to provide apartment living for motivated individuals who use wheelchairs and are pursuing their educational or vocational interests. There are many ways you can help.

Financial Contributions

With a budget of $992,676, your financial gift will make a tremendous difference in helping our residents cross that bridge to becoming independent, productive citizens in the community. To make a contribution click here or make check payable to Creative Living and send to 150 W. 10th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43201.

Donated Products, Materials and Services
Paper products, cleaning supplies or services, furniture, office supplies, maintenance materials, printing, lawn care and snow removal are all items and services that would help tremendously in our efforts. If you can offer some of these items and services, please contact us.

Creative Giving Society
Donations can be offered through a will, estate plan, life insurance policy, stocks and real estate. By making Creative Living a part of your estate plan, your contribution will benefit generations of residents.

Commemorative Gifts and Memorials
You can also provide donations to celebrate a special event or to honor a loved one. Contact us for details.

Become a Trustee
We would also benefit from the participation of those who understand, support and believe in the mission of Creative Living. We welcome you to share your skills and experience as a Trustee. To find out more about becoming a Trustee, contact us.

Thank you to our donors who helped us raise over $339,334 this past year for our Resident Assistance Program!


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