The continued success of Creative Living requires the maintenance of high-quality facilities and consistent programming and support services. With two separate facilities that house our 34 residents, it costs us nearly $350,000/year or approximately $960/day to operate the Resident Assistance Program.

To help defray the cost of this unique program, each resident pays $200/month (or $6.58/day) as part of their monthly rent. With 34 residents, this equates to $6,800 of monthly revenue or $81,600 annually (assuming zero vacancies) that is applied against the program’s cost. The difference is funded from the proceeds of three, annual events – a wine tasting, golf tournament and craft beer tasting – and direct contributions from Creative Living friends, corporations and foundations.

Contributions make up one-third of our income, so financial and in-kind support from individuals, corporations, foundations and service organizations are vitally important. With the ever-changing climate in federal funding, such contributions now play an even bigger role in our ability to fulfill our mission.

Creative Living Annual Report 2018-19

Your contributions have a great impact on extending the mission of Creative Living including, but not limited to:

– Creative Living provides affordable housing and support to 34 physically disabled individuals. Because of our facility design and program services, our residents are given the invaluable opportunity to live independently in their own apartments. The supportive sense of community we provide helps new residents acquire skills to negotiate the unique challenges faced by disabled individuals.

– The Resident Assistance Program is at the heart of our mission. As a result of community support, we have been able to keep the fee to an affordable $200 each month for our residents since 2006!

– Creative Living prides itself on awareness, education and advocacy of disability issues within the Central Ohio community.

– The uniqueness of our two residential communities provides a forum for our 34 residents to encourage and share resources to overcome the daily challenges they face.

– Many of our resident assistants are students pursuing medical degrees and our training and experience provided through employment has benefited those individuals.

– If Creative Living did not exist, envision our 34 current residents who most certainly would be living in skilled nursing facilities because of a lack of suitable housing (affordable and accessible), lack of on-site assistance, aging parents unable to care for them, physical problems that family members cannot handle, no family available, isolation and inability to care for themselves. Skilled nursing facilities have made great strides but still do not provide for the needs of young individuals with severe disabilities pursuing education and employment which fulfills the potential of each individual.

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Creative Living does not share its mailing lists or any information about its donors.