The William M. and Frances Smith Junk Endowed Fund

The William M. and Frances Smith Junk Endowed Fund was established March 5, 1982 by the Board of Trustees of The Ohio State University with a gift to The Ohio State University Development Fund from William M. and Frances Smith Junk of Washington Court House, Ohio. The description was changed May 8, 1987.

All gifts are to be invested in the University’s Permanent Endowment Fund, under the rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Trustees of The Ohio State University, with the right to invest and reinvest as occasion dictates.

The annual income is to be awarded to a physically handicapped student enrolled at The Ohio State University and residing at Creative Living, Columbus, Ohio. Recipients will be determined by the University Committee for Student Financial Aid and the University Office for Disability Services. Preference should be given to a student with demonstrated academic ability and with the greatest financial need.

If the Creative Living housing facility should cease to exist, the income may be awarded to any physically handicapped student enrolled at The Ohio State University. Should the need for this fund cease to exist or so diminish as to provide unused income, then the income may be used for any purpose whatsoever as determined by the Board of Trustees, with preference being given to the recommendations from the appropriate administrative official of the University who is then directly responsible for Student Financial Aid and the Office for Disability Services.

This is an excerpt from the minutes of the OSU Board of Trustees meeting of May 8, 1987



Educational award began in 1982

1982 Robert A. Lynch

1983 Randolph C. Brubaker
Robert A. Lynch

1984 Robert A. Lynch

1985 Robert A. Lynch

1986 Philip W. Woodward

1987 Robert R. Orewiler

1988 Gayle W. Fox

1989 Mark W. Sotak

1990 John Nosse
Robert Orewiler

1991 John Nosse
David Schaefer
Mark Sotak

1992 John Nosse 

1993 Michael Blake John Nosse

1994 Michael Blake
Raeanne True

1995 Michael Blake
Lora Stilke

1996 Michael Blake
Lance Stoudt

1997 Michael Blake
Wendy Kempa 
Vilvi Vannak

1998 Vilvi Vannak

1999 No requests

2000 No requests

2001 Alphonso Mobley

2002 Alphonso Mobley
Jarrod Roby
Brent Simonds

2003 Douglass Dumas
Alphonso Mobley

2004 Brent Simonds
Alphonso Mobley

2005 Alphonso Mobley

2006 Joy Bechtol

2007 Joy Bechtol
Dan Close

2008 Dan Close 
Brett Pfahl

2009 Brett Pfahl

2010 Brandon Fritts

2011 Brandon Fritts

2013 Brett Hallabrin

2014 David Castle
Marly Saade
Grant Williams

Independent Living Fund

This account was created in 1988 with a $75,000 deposit funded by a former trustee and his wife. The basic purpose was to assist residents when they move out of Creative Living. The donors had become aware that the disability-related modifications and expenses to move beyond CL were impossible or burdensome for residents. The fund provides grants in the form of non-interest bearing loans. Residents are expected to repay some or all of the loans as they are able.

An application detailing needs with estimates is required. Decisions to grant the loans are made by the donors, president and treasurer of the board and the executive director. All signatures are necessary for withdrawal.


WHEREAS, Creative Living, Inc. has successfully built, maintained and operated two residential facilities which are fully adaptable for use by residents with severe physical disabilities necessitating their use of wheelchair and other special adaptive equipment, and;

WHEREAS, Creative Living, Inc. has enjoyed very substantial success in creating a stimulating environment in which severally disabled individuals are encouraged to complete appropriate educational and vocational activities so that they can enjoy fulfilling and productive lives, and;

WHEREAS, the demonstrated success of Creative Living now mandates that its residents be afforded every reasonable encouragement and opportunity to move from the Creative Living residential facilities into the community in other suitable, architecturally adaptive residences under circumstances which are economically feasible, and;

WHEREAS, the costs associated with facilitating residents’ moves from the Creative Living facilities to other suitable housing opportunities frequently involve costs beyond the immediate means available to the resident’

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Board of Trustees of Creative Living, Inc. does hereby establish the “Independent Living Fund” which shall be maintained on the books and records of Creative Living, Inc. as a separate fund, not a part of the general operating fund, and which shall be utilized by the Board of Trustees to fund grants and non-interest bearing loans for the purpose of facilitating special economic needs of residents and former residents of Creative Living, Inc. for their transition to independent housing opportunities. A special committee of Creative Living, Inc. which shall include Alan R. Weiler, Beatrice I. Weiler, the President, Treasurer and Executive Director of Creative Living, Inc. is hereby established and charged with the responsibility of making recommendations as to the appropriate means to promote the need for this fund, the appropriate investment of such funds and to propose appropriate grants and loans to fulfill the purposes of this fund for action by the Board of Trustees.

This resolution was unanimously adopted by the Board of Trustees of Creative Living, Inc. at a regularly scheduled meeting in November 1988.


03/89 $5,000 Imogene Prichard 

07/89 $5,000 John Zimmerman 

08/90 $200 Heidi Johnson-Wright 

08/90 $2,500 Charles Snow 

07/91 $2,921.18 Kami Proctor 

07/91 $2,921.18 Phil Woodward 

02/92 $5,280 Jennifer Flynn 

03/92 $630 Heidi Johnson-Wright 

10/92 $2,207 Mark Sotak 

01/93 $1,422.52 Donna Starcher 

12/93 $5,250 Randy Brubaker 

11/94 $2,411.75 Debra Holloway 

02/95 $5,389 John Nosse

01/95 $10,000 Lounge CLI 

05/95 $5,589.99 Brian Butts 

06/96 $950 James Duffy

06/99 $874.87 Ken & Darlene Weaver

06/99 $225 Jarrod Roby

09/06 $5,150 Alphonso Mobley

08/07 $3,747 Bob Woodside

11/07 $5,046 John Lepley

08/11 $5,500 Brent Simonds

11/12 $5,872.75 Sam Williams 

Creative Living Endowment Fund

The fund originated as a $162,5000 grant received from Battelle Memorial Institute Foundation on December 6, 1976 for the purpose of providing income for future operating needs as determined by Creative Living, Inc.’s Board of Trustees. Unexpended funds must be returned if the Company loses its tax-exempt status under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. In August 1992, $260,000 of the Endowment Fund was gifted to The Columbus Foundation to create The Creative Living Fund.

The Endowment has two parts…

Contingency Fund and
Creative Living Fund of the Columbus Foundation

The following motion was presented and the vote was unanimous in favor of the motion at a special meeting of the Creative Living Board of Trustees on July 21, 1992.

“In response to the recommendation of the Executive and Finance Committees, I move that $260,000 of the Creative Living Endowment Fund be used to establish the Creative Living Fund of The Columbus Foundation. The Columbus Foundation shall serve as the administrator of the Fund while BancOhio National bank shall function as the Fund’s trustee. The remainder of the Endowment shall be renamed Contingency Fund ($20,000) and will remain with the Cardinal Government Securities Trust. It will be used for emergency purposes. In the event of unusual circumstances, distribution from The Columbus Foundation Fund shall require the approval of 4 out of 5 members of the Executive Committee and a 2/3 majority vote of all trustees present at a Board of Trustees meeting. No less than 10 days prior to said Board Meeting, written notice that a withdrawal is contemplated shall be given to all Trustees. Distribution from the Contingency Fund shall continue to require the approval of two members of the Executive Committee.”