Trustees are expected to understand and support the mission of CL. Believing in CL generates enthusiasm and benefits for the organization.

Trustees are expected to attend 50% of regular Board meetings (5-6 per year, 2 hours early evening) including by teleconference. Participation in a committee can also require periodic meetings. Attendance at key events (e.g. Wine Tasting, Beer Tasting, Run, Golf and resident gatherings) is expected. Other involvement in selected activities or tasks is up to the individual.

Resident Interaction
The mission of CL is centered around its residents. Trustees are expected to personally meet and interact with the residents whenever possible, both can benefit.

Each trustee has skills and experience which can be of benefit to CL. These include accounting, fund raising, public relations, law, computers, human resources, facilities, health/medicine, rehabilitation, education, government regulations, and many others. This expertise may be tapped for specific needs or by participation in committees to assist in the operation of CL.

CL is dependent on the leadership of its officers: President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice Presidents for Development, Facilities, Public Relations, Resident Relations, and Trustee Development. Trustees for these positions are selected from the overall Board based on demonstrated commitment, participation, and leadership skills.

Personal financial contributions to CL are expected. If a Trustee believes in the benefits and mission of CL, giving is a natural outcome of this belief. 100% participation in fund raising activities such as the Annual Campaign is expected, but the size of the contributions will vary based on the personal situation.

Company Representation
Often, Trustees are representatives for their employer in the community (ie corporate citizenship). This can be used to the advantage of CL, ranging from corporate contributions to finding jobs for residents.

Each trustee can have personal or business contacts which could be of benefit to CL. These contacts can assist with needs ranging from material items to vendor services to government assistance. Trustees are expected to have an Annual Campaign list and encouraged to accompany a friend or associate to visit the facility.

Association with CL generates an understanding of the needs of individuals with severe disabilities. With this understanding, trustees can become supportive of related issues (attitudinal, architectural, transportation, and employment) beyond the walls of CL. Trustees are expected to open doors with their contacts to champion the cause of Creative Living.