Marketing Communications & Donor Relations Director

Position Summary: This position is responsible for developing and managing a marketing plan, developing communication materials for public relations, donor relations and fund-raising efforts, and maintaining website. Administrative support to the Executive Director includes handling resident relations and recruitment issues, creation and maintenance of records and databases, volunteer coordination, and assisting the Executive Director with operational duties.

Duties and Responsibilities: (duties and responsibilities listed are representative of those performed by this position)

Marketing Communications Duties:

  1. Write, coordinate design and edit all marketing and press materials. This includes brochures, ads, invitations, posters, and press materials.
  2. Serve as Marketing Communications contact regarding all public relations. This includes maintenance of Power Philanthropy with the Columbus Foundation, advertising agencies, news releases, and newspaper and magazine liaison.
  3. Manage fund-raising projects by serving on committees and overseeing office support. Assist with event planning, timelines, vendor contacts, and development of all marketing and press materials. Prepare final reports and organize event files for historical records.
  4. Serve as administrator of Creative Living’s website. Edit and add to content to keep timely information posted.
  5. Prepare and manage marketing and print budget for fiscal year.
  6. Explore new ways to expand donor pool and create awareness of Creative Living.
  7. Develop and manage yearly marketing plan. Work closely with Board VP of Public Relations.
  8. Evaluate and create new ideas for improving fundraising events, marketing materials and communication.

Administrative Duties:

  1. Serve as back-up to Executive Director when necessary, including managing the administrative office and responding to and resolving problems.
  2. Help with resident recruitment and new resident process through application, sending for references. Maintain resident records including resident files, picture board in lobbies, traveling display, resident notebook, and digital file of resident pictures.
  3. Create and maintain computer databases with information on Friends, Gifts, Trustees, Residents, Sustaining Members of Service Board, In-Kind givers and any other category necessary. Provide 
    necessary reports and information as needed by director/board.
  4. Prepare and mail donor solicitation materials, prepare donor acknowledgments and maintain accurate donor records.
  5. Maintain Creative Living’s print materials such as letterhead, business cards and envelopes. Coordinate printing of promotional materials, gather quotes and maintain printing relationships. Coordinate mailings.
  6. Manage and supervise volunteer groups. Act as liaison with resident needs and volunteers. Includes annual Community Care Day, OSU Community Commitment, Students with Diversity and Columbus Woman’s Club.
  7. Prepare materials for regular Board of Trustees meeting and any related committee meetings. Prepare various reports for Board members and Executive Director.


Job Requirements
A high school diploma or equivalent. Associate or bachelor degree in business or marketing a definite plus. Minimum 2 years administrative support experience required, experience handling public relations or administrative issues in a non-profit organization desired. Graphic Design experience required, desk top publishing, proficiency desired. PC skills including Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Quark Express and Illustrator required. Proven attention to detail, communication, analytical and organization skills required. Minimum of 50 WPM typing speed with accuracy required.


___________________________________________________October 31, 2008
Executive Director

Resource Coordinator

Position Summary: This position performs various financial and accounting activities for Creative Living, including payroll, accounts receivable and payable and bank reconciliation. This position creates monthly financial reports and acquires and maintains necessary HUD paper work.

Duties and Responsibilities: (duties and responsibilities listed are representative of those performed by this position.)

  1. Record and process accounts receivable, including rent payments, special project proceeds and charitable contributions.
  2. Produce required HAP reports, noting information such as vacancy reports, move-in and move-out activity and other necessary HUD information.
  3. Meet with tenants to complete necessary verifications, interim adjustments and annual recertifications.
  4. Prepare related reports and payroll tax filing and 1099 forms review and monitor all reports, withholdings, payroll generated by third party payroll service.
  5. Prepare and process accounts payable, including maintaining accurate records and copies of maintenance invoices.
  6. Reconcile multiple checking and savings accounts for organization.
  7. Perform routine administrative functions such as filing, answering telephone, routine banking, mail delivery to Creative Living facilities and preparation of HUD manuals.
  8. Prepare monthly financial (general ledger) reports documenting financial activity. Distribute reports to Executive Director, President and Treasurer.
  9. Provide relevant materials to, and work closely with, auditor in preparing year-end materials
  10. Process move ins of new residents.
  11. Provide support at Creative Living’s fundraisers

Job Requirements:

Bachelor degree in accounting or equivalent professional experience required. Minimum of two years handling payroll, budgeting, A/P and A/R is desired. Non-profit and HUD compliance/regulatory experience is strongly desired. General ledger, trial balance, month-end; year-end closing experience is required. A proficiency in Excel, attention to detail and proven communication, interpersonal, judgment and crisis management skills are required.


__________________________________________________January 17, 2006
Executive Director

Resident Manager

Position Summary: The Resident Manager reports to the Executive Director. This position enlists other residents to serve on the Resident Management Council. The Resident Manager ensures that the following duties are performed either by him/her self or by the responsible Resident Management Council member. 
Duties and Responsibilities:

Maintains the physical facilities by:

  • Evaluating service requests, contacting the appropriate service provider and ensuring the repair is done.
  • Obtains Executive Director’s authorization for any costly or extensive repair
  • Notify Executive Director of any service providers called.

Maintains the safety and security of Creative Living by

  • Obtaining a working knowledge of fire and intercom systems, and all emergency procedures including gas, electrical and water shut-offs.
  • Ensuring facilities are well lit and locked at appropriate times
  • Reporting suspicious activity to the Police and the Executive Director

Resolves conflicts between residents and resident assistants or between residents themselves.

Assists and offers guidance to new or prospective residents in regard to the Resident Assistant Program, Creative Living purpose, environment, and facilities, community accessibility, etc.

Represent the CL residents at Board of Trustees meetings.

Provides public relations support on behalf of Creative Living at the request of the Executive Director and/or the Board of Trustees.

Conduct periodic inspections of the parking lot and grounds to ensure that all vehicles have parking permits and are legally parked. Take appropriate action, i.e. warning, notification, towing. 


Must be a resident of Creative Living with the desire and ability to represent the residents and staff of the complex as needed.
Must have extensive knowledge of the organization and its operating philosophy.
Must have strong written and verbal communications skills to relate the issues and concerns of Creative Living Residents and Resident Assistants to the Executive Director, the Vice President of Resident Relations and/or the Board of Trustees.
Must possess some judgment and decision-making skills to deal with emergency situations in an objective, logical and compassionate manner.

________________________________________January 17, 2006
Executive Director

Resident Assistant Coordinator

Position Summary: The position hires, supervises and schedules the activities of Resident Assistants. In addition this position acts as a Resident Assistant by exercising appropriate judgment in overseeing the security of the Creative Living facilities and in assisting the residents with the activities of daily living, personal care and hygiene as well as other general needs.

Duties and Responsibilities (duties and responsibilities listed are representative of those performed by the position)

  1. Coordinate scheduling of Resident Assistants to ensure shift coverage; monitor time sheets, calculate work hours for payroll and coordinate with payroll service.
  2. Recruit, select, supervise and evaluate resident assistant performance.
  3. Communicate RA grievances to Executive Director
  4. Assist RA’s when conflicts arise. Mediate between RA and residents when needed with assistance from Executive Director
  5. Keep agency use at a minimum
  6. Performing all reference and background checks.
  7. Responsible for all training and documentation
  8. Conduct interview of all RA’s with Executive Director oversight
  9. Responsible for RA employee files and duplicate of forms.

In addition to your duties as RA Coordinator you are responsible for the day to day maintenance of both facilities including grounds clean up and sweeping. Duties include working from service requests doing what you are skilled to do.

Job Requirements

A high school diploma or equivalent required. Experience as a resident assistant desired. Proven effective communication, interpersonal, crisis management, conflict resolution, and decision making skills required. Proven knowledge of Creative Living and its operating philosophy also needed. .


Executive Director

Resident Assistant

Position Summary: This position exercises appropriate judgment in overseeing the security of the Creative Living facility and in assisting the residents with the activities of daily living, as well as other general services.

Duties and Responsibilities (duties and responsibilities listed are representative of those performed by this position)

Activities of Daily Living/Personal Care and Hygiene (See Resident Assistant Guidelines for Providing Assistance) Be responsive to resident calls. 

  1. Retrieve difficult to reach items.
  2. Assist with miscellaneous chores, such as opening letters.
  3. Transfer residents with the assistance of personal care attendants.
  4. Empty urinary leg bags and administer suppositories
  5. Turn residents in beds.
  6. Assist residents in administering medications.
  7. Change residents’ coats, shirts and sweaters.

Facility Maintenance

  1. Direct visitors and service providers.
  2. Maintain lobby cleanliness, empty trash, clean up kitchen, and pick up trash in courtyard
  3. Answer telephone calls and take good messages.
  4. Report equipment problems to Resident Manager.
  5. Report supply shortages to office on “Supply Check List” (Sunday night RA)
  6. Responsible for the safety and security of the building.


Respond to any emergency situations. This may involve contacting appropriate emergency services.

Job Requirement

High School diploma or equivalent required. Prior experience working with people with disabilities a definite plus. Proven communication, interpersonal, crisis management and judgment skills required. Ability to help lift/turn residents weighing a minimum of 150 pounds required. CPR certification required within 6 months of hire. 

Revised 02/08