What is HUD Section 8 housing?

Creative Living apartments are HUD section 8 rent subsidy housing. The apartments were built for wheelchair accessibility. People who have low or very low annual incomes may qualify to live in these apartments.

What is a rent subsidy?

The Federal Government’s Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides funds to help low-income individuals and families afford housing. Income minus allowable expenses x 30% equals the amount that a person must pay of their own money to live in a HUD subsidized apartment. HUD will pay (subsidize) the remainder of the rental cost.

What is the application process?

A personal interview, completed application, reference, credit and background checks are required before a person is considered eligible for residency.

Who are the residents of Creative Living?

Since we are located near The Ohio State University and close to other schools and vocational training programs, people who are physically disabled, need accessible housing and wish to pursue educational or vocational goals are at home at Creative Living.

Does Creative Living provide on site medical staff?

No medical personnel are on duty. Creative Living is not a nursing facility.

Who are the resident assistants?

Creative Living staffs a 24/7, on-call resident assistant to aid with incidentals and emergencies. They can be reached by intercom from each apartment and can assist with retrieving difficult to reach items, helping with a transfer, putting on a coat, heating a snack in the microwave, locking a door or emptying a leg bag. Each resident pays $200 per month as a fee for the resident assistant services. This fee translates into $6.58 a day for 24-hour services.

What is due when a lease is signed?

Once rent is calculated in accordance with HUD guidelines, a lease and HUD paperwork is processed. The new resident will issue three checks to Creative Living: 1) A security deposit equal to the first month’s rent or $50 (whichever is greater); 2) The first month’s rent; and 3) $200 for the first month’s Resident Assistant fees.

How is Creative Living Governed?

Creative Living is a 501 (c ) (3) non-profit organization governed by a volunteer board of trustees and managed by a professional staff.

How are Creative Living revenues generated?

Creative Living revenues are generated via HUD rent subsidies, resident rent/fees and donations and grants from friends, corporations and foundations.

Why does Creative Living need contributions?

The continued success of Creative Living requires the maintenance of high quality facilities and consistent programming and support services. Contributions make up approximately 1/3 of our income. Financial and in-kind support from individuals, corporations, foundations and service organizations is vitally important to our success.

How can I make a contribution to Creative Living?

Donate online by clicking Donate Now on our website, mail a contribution to Creative Living’s office at 150 W. 10th Ave. Columbus, OH 43201, or call our office at 614.421.1226 to make a payment via telephone.