Life Changing Accident 
My accident happened in 2007 when my best friend and I were coming back from a road trip. She fell asleep at the wheel and the car began to swerve left to right hitting the rails on both sides of the highway. The car then hit a soft spot and flipped over a few times before hitting a tree and coming to a stop. As a result, I suffered a T10 T12 spinal cord injury and now use a manual wheelchair for mobility.


About Me
In my downtime you’ll find me watching some of my favorite movies or TV shows. I also read a lot and most my friends know they won’t be hearing from me until I finish my book. I also enjoy knitting and crocheting (I can only do scarves and blankets). In the summer, I tend to sit out and tan or roll around campus for a few hours. I am graduating at the end of Autumn Semester 2015 with a B.A. in Arabic and a minor in Women’s Studies. I also Arabic tutor.


What CL Means to Me
I am very much happy to be living in such a wonderful community surrounded by people who understand the struggle. We all come from different backgrounds but the common thread here is that creative living provides all of us an affordable home where our struggles are out in the open. Where it’s not considered taboo to voice out the physical pain, and the mental hardship we face, but more importantly we can all laugh at said struggles knowing that there’s no judgement. In my opinion Creative Living not only provides physical independence but also peace of mind to all of us living here.


My Dreams & Aspirations 
My dreams and aspirations are all in the pursuit of one goal; to do what makes me happy but also makes me employable. That’s why I chose Arabic. There’s so much I can do with a language degree from becoming a translator for gov agencies, working for the UN, to becoming an Arabic teacher. For so long all I wanted was the degree and now that I am graduating soon graduate school is probably going to be my next step in life.


Message to Our Supporters
I would simply say thank you for your ongoing support of creative living and all us residents. Places like creative living inspire hope and progress both on a personal level as well as socially.