On the Road Again with Marly – Part Two

Part Two of a Two Part series

So it’s been one week since I started driving and I’ve realized a few things. First, I CANNOT describe what a PRIVILEGE it is to be driving again. Everyone has been asking me how much I love it, and I do love it, but mainly I am grateful not only to have the physical capability to drive but also the means to procure a car and the hand controls needed.  

Second, anyone who understands public transportation understands the struggle. So, going from relying on them out of necessity to relying on them by choice is another privilege I hope to always remember. 

Push-Rock Hand Controls




The push-rock hand controls I settled on are perfect for me. To hit the brakes, using my left hand, I push the handle forward towards the dashboard. To accelerate I push the same handle down towards the floorboard. I control the steering wheel with my right hand using a spinner knob. This allows me complete control of the steering wheel utilizing only one hand. Meaning both hands are in constant use and you cannot get distracted by your phone, makeup, or whatever else people do, but should NOT be doing, WHILE driving. It’s safer and keeps the driver focused.



 Removable Plate Cover

I also have a removable plate covering the brake/gas foot pedals for safety. If I remove the plate, anyone who is able bodied can drive the car using the foot  pedals and it will not disturb my hand controls in any way.  The spinner knob is also removable for that same purpose.

Spinner Knob

My third realization is that though the process of breaking down the chair and putting it back together does not bother me personally, it seems to cause me slight embarrassment when people stop and stare or even ask me if I need help. The perception seems to be that I need assistance, where all I really need is people to move about their day like I do. I’ll get over the embarrassment eventually because the transfer and the process of putting the chair in and out of the car is my NORMAL and I refuse to feel badly for that.

Breaking down chair

I’m sure there will be other realizations as time goes on, but for now I am extremely grateful to be driving again and to have recovered a piece of my independence.

Until next time, Be safe guys!

Marly S. 





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