Planned Giving Society

Planned Giving Society

“Creative Living’s mission, values and vision has inspired us to include this organization as a beneficiary in our estate planning. While listening to individual residents their hopes and ambitions gave us the insight to set up a gift agreement. Upon our deaths, our trust will fund an endowment to be used for grants and loans to meet or facilitate special economic needs of current residents. It is our desire to provide resources to assist these men and women to build self-sufficient and productive lives.”

– Gary and Yvonne Newhouse

Build a Legacy

Creative Living has been the beneficiary over the years of many estate gifts. Due to these gifts the lives of our residents have been improved and the legacy established has ensured Creative Living will continue to provide an independent living environment for the physically disabled for years to come. We are asking you to build a legacy with our mission beyond your annual gift. You can make a deferred gift through a bequest.

You can also stipulate in your estate plan that Creative Living will be a beneficiary of your generosity through complex gift structures. We always encourage you to seek financial and/or legal counsel for the best option for you.

If you have included Creative Living in your will, trusts or other planned giving arrangements, we would love to know so we can welcome you into our Creative Giving Society. We also respect your wishes to remain anonymous if you choose.

For more information regarding Planned Giving for Creative Living please contact us at 614.421.1226 or