Life Changing Accident
When I was just 2 months shy of my 15th birthday, my friend was clumsily waving a 25 caliber hand gun in my face and it accidentally fired a bullet through my right cheek and into my spine, leaving me paralyzed from the shoulders down (at the C-4 vertebrae).


About Me
As of now my day-by-day life consists of doing my hobbies, which include writing, pencil sketching, surfing the web, and (as hard as it is to admit) playing video games. I have plans to go to Columbus State Community College where I will major in Associative Arts. I will transfer to OSU where I will double major in Communications and Business. I will shoot for a masters degree in both fields, and with my communications degree I plan on working in a hospital setting in the human resource department, focusing on teen development, and being a teen advocate on organizational skills and techniques. With the business degree and my human resources background, I plan on opening my own homeless shelter. 


My Dreams & Aspirations
I have a passion for writing! With my passion comes a dream to become a published author, writing suspense novels and my own biography. I write music lyrics and I recently discovered an addiction to writing sports articles for, so who knows, I may end up doing that for Sports Illustrated some day!  Another dream of mine is to become an inspirational speaker for high schools and grade schools.

Meet Billy


What CL Means to Me
To me, CL means “Clear Landing”. Since my accident I’ve been flying around from the hospital, to a nursing home, back to the hospital, and to a gracious family’s (the Eckfeld residents) home. As “at home” as I felt at the Eckfeld home, I knew that come college time, I would be moving out. So I never felt as if I had a permanent home. I remained flying. But it wasn’t until I moved into Creative Living that I really felt free to land and settle in. If I wasn’t at Creative Living I would be in a nursing home or rehabilitation facility!


Message to Our Supporters
For someone who continually supports Creative Living I would look them dead in the eyes, holding backs tears of emotion, envisioning and remembering all that I went through, and say to them, “God bless you… God bless you!”