Life Changing Accident
I was injured the summer following my first year of college while on vacation with my family in North Carolina. I was at the beach and was coming out of the water using the momentum of a wave (kind of body surfing) and another faster wave came in behind it and crashed, taking me down where I struck my head in the sand breaking my neck.


About Me
I graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Finance and I am currently in my second year at Capital University Law School. I enjoy working on projects aimed at furthering the interests of the disabled community. One of those projects was working with WrightChoice Inc. to produce a publication called DiversABILITY Ohio which features professionals with disabilities as well as spotlights for rising students. I am a big sports fan (especially the Buckeyes). I am interested in Sports and Entertainment Law and would like to pursue a career in that field.

Message to Our Supporters
Support of Creative Living means that myself and others can live the normal independent lives that everyone should be able to live.


What CL Means to Me
To me Creative Living means freedom and regaining my independence. Without Creative Living I would be unable to live on my own.  I would likely be living with my mother in a very small almost inaccessible apartment or worse, living in a nursing home. Creative Living has given me a home of my own where I have the opportunity to pursue my dreams.


My Dreams & Aspirations
My dream was to become a successful professional sports agent, but I am now more open to the amateur sports side. I have two dream jobs now. Professional agent or working for the NCAA. My goal is to provide enough income for myself to be comfortable and then be as philanthropic as possible. I would like to be able to give as much as possible to the community.