Life Changing Accident 
My name is Samuel Williams, I was injured on July 13, 2002. I was the passenger in my SUV, we were on our way to a friend’s wedding were I was expected to be a participant (so I was wearing my full tux with tails). About four blocks from the church a kid ran a stop sign and clipped the back of my truck which caused it to begin flipping and I broke my neck which left me a C 5/6 quad. 


About Me
I have a 19 year old daughter. I have been living at Creative Living since November 2007. I am currently attending Rhodes College with hopes of getting an Associates Degree in Business Administration. I enjoy cooking, learning the new city and spending time with friends and family. 


My Dreams & Aspirations
I hope to some day open my own home health agency.


What CL Means to Me
Creative Living has given me the tools needed to get my independence back, it allows us the opportunity to live alone and structure to begin rebuilding our lives so that we can become productive member in the community again. Without Creative Living I would still be spending most of my time in bed totally dependent on others. 

Meet Samuel


Message to Our Supporters
I would like to Thank Everyone who does anything at or for us at Creative Living. Your contributions or work that you contribute (big or small) improves the quality of our lives. Whether you donate money, volunteer time or you’re an employee EVERYTHING you do is greatly appreciated.