Creative Living is barrier-free and designed for people with physical disabilities who use wheelchairs. Many of our residents are pursuing their educational goals. Residents are truly motivated individuals who are directing their own lives and personal care. Personal attendants are hired by each resident to handle personal hygiene and daily routines.

Creative Living provides residents with a supportive sense of community. All residents share the commitment to build a self-sufficient, productive life which fulfills the potential of each individual. Our location, adjacent to The Ohio State University campus, offers unique advantages: proximity to a major source of formal education, opportunity for educational and vocational counseling services, as well as access to a large medical complex, including Dodd Hall, OSU’s physical rehabilitation center. Transportation to and from OSU, Columbus State Community College and other areas of Columbus is readily available.

We are proud of the 150 former residents who have called Creative Living home. Having relocated all around the country, they have gone on to marry, purchase homes, and work as teachers, physicians, and engineers, just to name a few.

Creative Living provides:

  • One person, called a Resident Assistant, on duty 24 hours a day for incidentals and emergencies who can be reached by an intercom from each apartment.
  • An accessible, unfurnished apartment near The Ohio State University campus.
  • An opportunity to reach educational or vocational goals
  • A supportive community where neighbors share similar challenges.