What a Wonderful Courtyard!

Hi guys,

Creative Living has two locations and I happen to live at our first location on Perry St.  The compound is somewhat enclosed and most of the apartments overlook the courtyard.

We have a beautiful water fountain donated by the family of former resident, Daniel  

Close, may he rest in peace.

We also have a community grill and a large picnic table that, as you can see, had seen better days. Fun little fact I’ve recently learned, this picnic table was an eagle scout project aimed to be accessible for wheelchairs.



So, having nothing to do but job search I found myself a summer project. I spent 5 days scraping the paint and sanding the wood, 1 day of staining and 1 day of applying the polyurethane.

 What do you guys think of the end result? 


I’d like to send out a big thank you to Debbie Holloway for not only buying me a paint scraper but also keeping me company and motivated as I worked.  Thank you to our resident dancing queen, Kristin and her aid Justin for lending me a hand. Thank you to our Executive Director Marilyn Frank and R.A. Manager Dave Pratt for purchasing most of the supplies as well as allowing me to tackle this project.

It was a lot of fun!

Until next time,

Be safe,

Marly S.

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